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The United States Department of Transportation requires drug and alcohol testing for most CDL drivers, but aside from government requirements, many employers are choosing to implement testing programs covering all employees. Why? Because statistics show that the majority of drug users are employed.

FACT: Drug users at a minimum consume almost twice the medical benefits as nonusers, are absent 1.5 times as often, and make more than twice as many Workers Compensation claims (SAMSHA).

FACT: Alcohol and other drug use costs American businesses an estimated $102 billion every year in lost productivity, accidents, employee turnover, and related problems (SAMSHA).

New clients with our company will often utilize our services to simply reduce their insurance costs – but it is not uncommon for the first series of random tests reveal positive drug and alcohol test results in as many as 1 in 5 employees. Not surprisingly, the employer is shocked at the high rate of drug and alcohol abuse in their company.

FACT: Employees with marijuana-positive urine samples had 55% more industrial accidents, 85% more injuries, and a 78% increase in absenteeism. People with cocaine-positive urine samples had a 145% increase in absenteeism and an 85% increase in injuries (JAMA).

Nearly all of our clients can relate to at least one of the following employer comments:

“Expensive equipment was disappearing and we couldn’t find out why. Finally, our accountant caught him. He was using the company credit card at gas stations for strangers, trading company-paid fuel for cash, and he was stealing and selling company equipment to support his cocaine habit. He was not only our star sales rep – he was our senior sales rep. He cost us tens of thousands of dollars. I never suspected.”
– Manager of a Central PA equipment company

“He worked for me for over 20 years and I never guessed he was smoking pot, but as he told me later, neither did his wife! He was usually a good employee, but sometimes his work was kind of “off”. Since his treatment, he’s been clean, and he’s a real stable employee.”
– Owner of a NEPA equipment company

“I couldn’t avoid the problem any longer after I went into the men’s room and smelled marijuana smoke. I HAD to do something before someone got hurt. As it turns out, we were hiring employees who were rejected by other companies that did drug testing.”
– Plant manager of a NEPA manufacturing firm

“She was our bookkeeper for just six months, and that was two years ago – but we’re still coming across mistakes she made.”
– Manager of a PA pharmacy