American Drug and Alcohol Diagnostics, LLC.

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Consulting / Program Administration

American Drug & Alcohol Diagnostics, LLC, provides COMPREHENSIVE DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING PROGRAMS, including:

  • Onsite/near site drug and alcohol testing/collection. Time is money. Why waste it in travel and hospital or clinic waiting rooms?
  • A customized drug and alcohol policy designed specifically to reflect your company’s substance abuse position while simultaneously meeting United States Department of Transportation’s policy content requirements. Your individual company policy will include a statement of need, definitions, and specific policy statements pertaining to prohibited conduct, consequences, testing procedures, and an employee receipt tear-off.
  • On-site or near-site employee and supervisor training, including USDOT-mandated drug and alcohol abuse recognition training for supervisors.
  • A supervisor’s procedure information document that clearly articulates their responsibilities relative to drug and alcohol issues.
  • Complete operational drug and alcohol program record keeping – with backup – to help you survive a DOT audit.
  • American Drug & Alcohol Diagnostics will administer the USDOT-compliant random testing selection process for your company.
  • American Drug & Alcohol Diagnostics will prepare the USDOT-compliant semi-annual and annual reports, which also provides you with a comprehensive view of your testing program.
  • Drug and alcohol testing program consulting services are included in our annual fee. If you have questions, just call us!
  • American Drug & Alcohol Diagnostics uses only federally qualified test technicians, federally approved laboratories, and federally approved breath and saliva alcohol devices.
  • Review of all drug tests by our federally certified MRO (Medical Review Officer), pursuant to FMCSR ~ 40.
  • After-hours premises testing, which can identify drug residue on keyboards, equipment controls, restroom door knobs, etc.