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Premises Testing

ADAD offers PREMISES TESTING services:

Some school districts and industries realize that substance abuse is a problem, while others aren’t so sure. To help determine if a problem is present, ADAD provides premises testing:


  • A valuable tool, premises testing can identify substance abuse problems in virtually any setting by testing for drug residue on surfaces – keyboards, steering wheels, equipment controls, etc.


  • Testing can occur after hours or on weekends and does not arouse unnecessary student, teacher, or employee agitation or suspicion.


  • If the premises testing reveals the presence of drug residue, the results can be used to justify a drug and alcohol testing program.


  • Premises testing will not be used to target a specific individual: rather, the results are used to determine if a drug problem is present in a particular setting. If a problem is identified, ADAD can then help to determine the appropriate course of action.