American Drug and Alcohol Diagnostics, LLC.

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American Drug and Alcohol Diagnostics (ADAD) offers drug and alcohol testing options for employers, organizations and municipalities in Williamsport / Montoursville, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas in Lycoming County:

Our consultants schedule testing appointments directly with employers, at the employer’s location to ensure testing is conducted in a timely manner while maintaining compliance with DOT regulatory requirements.  Employers can have employees tested onsite, with results as soon as the next business day.  ADAD can provide nearly instant results (as applicable by state law) for non-DOT employees. ADAD’s Medical Review Officer reviews and interprets non-negative results to ensure that medical conditions, prescriptions, and other circumstances are taken into consideration before issuing a result.  

Onsite testing can be crucial for pre-employment, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion testing.  With an ADAD consultant onsite, the employer can confidently make decisions that meet federal, state, and local requirements while ensuring workplace safety and efficiency. 

ADAD also offers drug testing clinic-based services for employers, as well as DISA and Abbott collection site services for employers.

Drug and alcohol testing options are also available for various organizations:

For more information on onsite drug testing services, please contact American Drug and Alcohol Diagnostics.