Should ‘Medical Marijuana’ Be Recommended for Patients?
Why our answer is ‘no’

Q: As more states legalize ‘medical marijuana’, should it be recommended for patients? A: At Cleveland Clinic, we believe there are better alternatives. In the world of healthcare, a medication is a drug that has endured extensive clinical trials, public hearings and approval by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Medications are tested for […]

Death of congressman’s wife points to dangers of dietary supplements

Some 58% of Americans report taking dietary supplements, often motivated by a wish to “improve” or “maintain” health. But the death of Lori McClintock, wife of U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock of California, is a tragic reminder that dietary supplements aren’t always good for you.  A report recently obtained by Kaiser Health News revealed that McClintock […]

What Experts Want You To Know About Treating Morning Sickness With Marijuana

Morning sickness during pregnancy is the worst. You feel hungover all day (because of course it doesn’t just happen in the morning) and you didn’t even get to enjoy the fun the night before. Understandably, you’re probably looking for anything to help ease this terrible feeling you can’t seem to shake during your first trimester. […]

They Call It ‘Tranq’ — And It’s Making Street Drugs Even More Dangerous

A street-outreach team from Tapestry Health Systems delivered what’s becoming a routine warning. Xylazine is an animal tranquilizer. It’s not approved for humans but is showing up in about half the drug samples that Tapestry Health tests in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts. It’s appearing mostly in the illegal fentanyl supply but also in […]

Accidental cannabis poisoning is on the rise among Canadian kids. What can be done?

With some Canadian provinces seeing an increase in accidental cannabis poisoning among children, experts are stressing the need to make edibles look less appealing to kids. A recent study published by the New England Journal of Medicine on Aug. 25 found that there has been a 6.3-fold increase in hospitalizations for unintentional cannabis poisoning among […]

7 Reasons Your Company Should Invest in Drug Testing

A drug testing program is an effective way to keep your employees healthy and safe. A company’s workforce should be able to trust their colleagues with safety, which sometimes requires a detailed plan of action… Read the entire article at Sure Hire Occupational Testing

Less is More: Why Cannabis Use Disorder is Becoming Increasingly Common, and what the Healthcare Community Must Know about Proper Dosing

Canabis in jars

An interesting study from Canada recently showed that recreational cannabis users couldn’t report how much THC and other cannabinoids were in the products that they use. This has prompted some worried discussion about the development of Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD) in the general population. Coupled with the general “more THC is better” attitude of some […]